Oct 2021 - Jan 2022 | PT. Bukalapak.com


A leading tech company with a mission to bring a Fair Economy for All by creating a sustainable ecosystem in Indonesia.

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Bukalapak is an Indonesian-based technology born in 2010, with a focus on helping to create a fair economy for all. Through our online and offline commerce platforms, they want to provide everyone with options and opportunities to get more out of life. Serving more than 6.6 million online sellers, 8.7 million Mitra Bukalapak, and more than 100 million users, they also completing their services, with a B2B e-procurement line named Buka Pengadaan Indonesia (BPI) in 2019, and in 2020 launched Buka Investasi Bersama (BIB) a digital-based mutual fund selling agent.

My Work

I joined Bukalapak Core Web Experience Team in October 2021 - January 2022 as a Software Engineer Intern, mainly focused within Bukalapak Web Development and Performance. My task vary from improving Bukalapak Ecommerce Product Page SEO, implementing Unit Test, and helping with the development of Bukalapak new company profile, about.bukalapak.com

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List of technology I use in Bukalapak

  • Vue.js/Nuxt.js
  • Micro-frontend Architecture
  • State Management (Vuex)
  • Bukalapak Design System called Bazaar
  • Testing (Jest, Testing Library)