Move Fast, Break Things

Hi, I'm Melvin Liu, a Software Engineer from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Currently working as Software Engineer at Makmur, a technology-based investment application for Indonesian.

In the past, I was lucky enough to start my software engineering career in a few notable companies in Indonesia, the most notable one is Bukalapak - Indonesia first unicorn startup goes IPO (Initial Public Offering), once started as a marketplace platform and grew into an All-Commerce platform, empowering both users and communities as one company: Buka.

My main expertise is web development, especially in front-end engineering with either Vue.js/ React.js, but currently, I started to learn database (PostgreSQL). and a backend language as well (Golang)

Feel free to look at my side project that I make public on Github

If you have read this far, let's be friends! Connect with me on Instagram, Linkedin, or Twitter