Aug 2022 - Present | Comute App
Comute App

Comute App

Deaf friend travel companion - Ready to help deaf person in Jakarta to travel with Train from the start until you arrive at the destination station!

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Comute is a commuter application for deaf friends that has a travel route direction feature with a warning to get off the station, as well as a communication assistance feature with hearing friends which makes it easy & comfortable to use KRL transportation.

My Work

  • Pioneered & Implemented Jabodetabek station data into JSON, work with other 2 engineers to determine the data structure that satisfy our needs
  • Pioneered & Implemented Dijkstra Algorithm in Swift to find shortest path between 2 station in Jabodetabek Train Station (google maps API doesn't match our need since it is an overkill solution at the moment)
  • Implemented distance tracking between station using @Apple/CoreLocation
  • Implemented client side push notification using @Apple/UserNotifications
  • Implemented Animation using @Airbnb/lottie-ios


Media Exposure

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List of technology I use in Comute

  • Dijkstra Algorithm
  • Swift UI
  • @Apple/CoreLocation
  • @Apple/UserNotifications
  • Texture
  • Lottie Animation