Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher

creating a versatile website for Ferrero 40th anniversary champaign.


Orion Scope is a Digital Agency that builds that designs & develops websites for corporates & industries. Back in October 2022, I was hired as a part-time Software Engineer for Orion Scope to help them with one of their client Ferrero Rocher. The project was a campaign website to celebrate Ferrero's 40th anniversary where Ferrero's customer in different country (Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand) can upload their receipt to join a free workshop within their country.

My Work

  • Create several UI pages and Modal component
  • Implement Internationalization or i18n to render different languages for different country
  • Show dybnamic content depends on user country using API
  • Connect to strapi endpoint to POST user uploaded receipt




List of technology I use

  • Language: Javascript/Typescript
  • SSR: Next.js
  • Styling: Tailwind