Mar 2022 - Present | PT. Inovasi Finansial Teknologi


helping Indonesian people to make financial planning and long-term investments easily, and safely.

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PT INOVASI FINANSIAL TEKNOLOGI (Makmur) is a Mutual Fund Selling Agent (APERD) company registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). All investments carry risks and possible loss of investment value. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Investment simulations are provided for informational and illustrative purposes. Mutual funds are Investment Manager (MI) products and not APERD products. APERD is not responsible for MI's portfolio management.

My Work

I joined Makmur in March 2022 as Software Engineer & Analyst till present. I'm responsible for both web, and mobile development (Fullstack Development) in Makmur.

  • Make & Refactor atomic components
  • Currently exploring both frontend and backend technology (Nodejs, Express, MVC, Redis, AWS, etc)
  • Create a shareable utility package (NPM Package) to manage all web admin authentication ,API call, form validation, and state management (@makmurdevs/admin-auth)
  • Create dashboard to manage relationship manager officer's clients.
  • Convert Makmur atomic components for web admin into a shareable utility package that utilizes Storybookjs (@makmurdevs/admin-components)
  • Write and update unit test with jest and testing-library
  • Refactor TransactionTimeline component to a scaleable component that handle multiple stock transaction edge cases
  • Convert several repository from using Javascript to Typescript




List of technology I use in Makmur

  • Language: Javascript/Typescript
  • Web Frontend: React.js
  • Mobile: React Native
  • Backend: Node.js (Micro-services)
  • Message Broker: Redis
  • Cloud: Amazon Web Services
  • Styling: linaria (css-in-js)
  • Testing: Jest, and Testing Library
  • Others: Storybook.js